Missing Member ID

So I have a scout that is missing the BSA Member ID in both Scoutbook and in IA.

Scoutbook ID is 1267984.

Is this something Council has to correct with the scout’s record? Seems a bit different when I click the scout, which makes me wonder if it’s associated to his parent’s account or something.

The scout is also linked to his mother twice to member ID’s 133811032 and 13797974 as she had two accounts.

Sounds like something of a twisted mess. Can you help me sort it out?

I also cut/copied the URLs for the various accounts in hopes that might be helpful - prolly would rather DM those over.


@Tzonarin it got mixed up with a parent - give me a few to fix it

@Tzonarin these are messy - I think it is all fixed now

Okay, so the Scout’s record is right. Parent record is Member ID: 13797974, but her Merit Badge Counselor information was Member ID: 133811032. Can that information be moved over to Member ID: 13797974?

1032 is the Youth - 7974 is adult - I set up an overnight position sync

Great. I’ll keep an eye open on that. Thank you so much. /r

Looks like the MBC is back

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