Scout with multiple accounts (cross councils) cant link in my scouting

I have a scout with two BSA numbers because they are registered in two different councils. Their my.scouting account is associated with the primary BSA number with their troop (NCAC 136183611) but they can’t log into my.scouting or scoutbook to see records for their seascout ship (BAC 137388418) because their email is already linked to NCAC council. Is there a way for their my.scouting account to link to both BSA numbers? So far we have gotten an error when we try to add the BAC member number.

Manage Member ID does not work when the names or DOB do not match exactly. In this case, there was a difference in the names. I have added the second BSA member ID number to Manage Member ID.

However, for Recharter purposes, the Scout will probably need 2 usernames at my.scouting, because both BSA numbers will need to be set as “primary” in order for the Recharter system to see both numbers.

So in order to recharter successfully the scout (a minor) needs to create a second email to be associated with a second user name in my.scouting because they are in two different councils? Do I understand this correctly? Also, if both are set to PRIMARY, does that mean the scout needs to pay BSA twice at recharter?

The scout can have one login - and change the primary MID in Mange Member ID - whatever is Primary is the BSA # you sign into BSA systems with.

Her PRIMARY is her troop (NCAC). However, it appears from what was said above that she must make the second account (SeaScouts) in the second council (BAC) also PRIMARY (so two primaries) or the second council (BAC) wont be able to complete recharter because they won’t see the account in their recharter system? Did I understand that correctly?

Primary has nothing to do with rechartering. It only has to do with what account you are logging into.

Ok, understood. I am the SM for this Scout but also their parent. This second account (BAC, BSA # 137388418) is not connected to me as my child in my own my.scouting account, although I see her primary NCAC associated account (troop). Can that be fixed? Can the BAC account be linked to me as a parent? My account is associated with NCAC (BSA # 115077051)

not sure if the AKELA Relationship can be added. It works if the registration is online from your account. But across councils by registrar I bet it would not be possible.

You can add the other one as a connection within scoutbook from your connections page.

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