Scout can't see secondary BSA account in Scoutbook

I have a Scout with two BSA member numbers from two councils (Troop, NCAC; SeaScouts, BAC). Right now each member number is associated with a different user ID in Scoutbook. The secondary BSA number (SeaScouts, BAC) was successfully added to their my.scouting account where the primary is Troop NCAC. However, when they log into Scoutbook they only see the primary account (Troop, NCAC). Can the two accounts be put under one Scoutbook user ID (the primary one) so that they can see their SeaScout Scoutbook record? I have seen other scouts in similar situation where one scoutbook ID shows a toggle between two accounts. The primary SB User ID is 9888902 (BSA # 136183611, NCAC) while the secondary SB User ID is 9426945 ( BSA # 137388418, BAC). If they can’t be combined, how does the Scout see the secondary profile (Sea Scouts) when their login is associated with their gmail and google login?

As stated before - if they want to see the other account they have to switch Primary BSA # to the other one. There is no way to have 2 BSA # on one Scoutbook Account


As a leader in Ship 1959 (BAC) I know of at least one other scout that DOES have one scoutbook profile for two different councils and it shows up with a toggle on the scouts profile from the leader perspective accessed from the ships roster. Troop 29 is in NCAC and Ship 1959 is in BAC. So how is this done?

What will happen is the other membership will drop after 60 days, cause the BSA# in Scoutbook is not on the official Roster of the unit. Everything is tied to the BSA#s. They have to match for the Scouts and their Units in

And this is because they are separate councils? If they were the same council you could see two units under one profile?

@CasandraCartagena Yes, that is correct.


Crazy how BSA want kids to clone themselves and create alternate identities to fit their system rather than modifying the system to account for people who are in more than one council.

The Scout can just log in at my.scouting and use Manage Member ID to switch the BSA member number there that is set as “primary”. The one that is set as primary will determine which Scoutbook userID she logs into.


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