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Thanks so much. Not sure what happened either, except recharters are processing.

Well yeah I think it is a zip code issue - the first BSAID is from a neighboring council

I also have the same problem for my daughter here and need help to fix it.
Under my account, her correct ID shown 14167168 and with the correct rank. However, when she tried to login to her account, the BSAID shown 12562515 and nothing comes out. Please help to fix this.

@FEILIU Your daughter created a new BSA member ID number when she created her my.scouting account, because her date of birth (DOB) does not match.

I would recommend having her log in at my.scouting and double-check her DOB there. If it is incorrect, you will need to contact your local council and ask them to correct it.

It looks like the rest of your issue was solved in this other thread:

Have a bit of a different problem, where a scout dropped out off of our Pack/Den roster. I don’t have his BSA or Scoutbook ID anywhere. How can we look him up to transfer him back into our Pack/Den?

A Unit Key 3 can look at official roster at and get BSA # there if the scout is registered @BrendanEvans

Yeah, the scout is not on the official Pack Roster. I have Unit Key 3 privileges with our Pack, but Scoutbook says that the unit they are assigned to must transfer the scout in, but does not say how to look up the scout. Appreciate the help with this.

MYST Transfer in tool Unit.pdf (94.8 KB)
MYST Transfer out tool Unit.pdf (191.2 KB)

That’s the problem though. That search engine requires the BSA ID, which we don’t have. How can I search for his profile to add to our Pack if we don’t have his BSA ID?

@BrendanEvans you can’t - that is a matter of security - do the parents have it? Are they attached in Scoutbook? They could get it there.

His Dad was having problems logging into Scoutbook. I’ve already reached out to him to see about retrieving the ID. Was just looking to see if there was a solution we could fix this that I didn’t know about. We have had multiple problems though with Scouts being added that already had a Scoutbook profile and created problems. I wish there was a better way of checking to see if a Scout already exists in Scoutbook before trying to add them.

If a scout is registered anywhere they exist in Scoutbook - period

@BrendanEvans You could also try working with your local council to transfer the Scout.

Thanks Jen. That’ll be the next step. I know there are some issues getting worked out with our Charter which may have caused some quirks. Just trying to help get this scout/parents back in the system to receive updates.

@BrendanEvans If the Scout just dropped off your pack roster in Scoutbook, you could try looking in My Connections to see if you might still be connected to the Scout.

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Connections

If you find the Scout under My Connections, you can click on the Scout’s name, then [Scout]'s Membership, and click on a past membership with your pack or add a new membership.


There is a report in that will let Key 3 see who did not renew their membership with the unit.

Go to Roster → Reports → Non-Renewed Membership Report. The report contains the BSA Member ID of anyone who did not renew. You may have to click Filter and change the date range to see the Scout you are looking for.


Thank you! He still had a connection through my profile and was able to add him back in! Really appreciate the help!

@BrendanEvans If the Scout you are referring to has initials L.R., then this Scout has a BSA member ID number, but no registrations. You won’t be able to transfer this Scout, because he has no registrations to transfer.

No, we’re aware of the issue there. This was a different scout, but we are currently working with our Council to resolve the one you’re referring to. Thanks!

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