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I haven’t logged in to my Sccoutbook account for a while (maybe a month or so), but when I logged in today, I can’t see anything, including my own scout and the Pack I used to be an administrator for. Basically, there is nothing under “Administration → My Account”.

Does anyone have any idea of what has happened to my Scoutbook account? I can provide more information if someone can help take a look. I’d really appreciate it, as I need to input my son’s progress and complete all Bear den requirements. Thank you.


I’m assuming you are logging in using your account. Also make sure that your correct Member ID is added to your profile of the unit you are a member of. If its been awhile, all the legacy scout book accounts are no longer functional and you must log into using your my.scouting account and password.

You might also want validate that the unit is truly chartered and did not expire.

Thank you for your prompt response. I can log into both and using the same username and password as before. But I can’t see my son and the Pack I am associated with. I am not sure whether my Member ID is correct or not, but I see no reasons for it to be wrong. How can I check whether my Member ID is still added to the unit that I am a member of? Is there a number I can call or someone I can talk to?

Thanks for any further help.


Log into your my.scouting account. Next to your name there is a down button. Select it and then open “My Profile”

scroll to the bottom and ensure you see your you have an active membership in the unit. If you don’t, you will need to contact the Unit Leadership and see why you are not registered.

You can also check to make sure your membership ID is correct for the Unit. If its not right, you need to use the Manage Member ID to add your correct Membership number to your profile. You will find this on the top left menu bar when you log in.


You can also ask your district executive (and perhaps a member of the district membership committee) to check the unit charter or recharter.

@KaiWang your registered Committee Position ended last year - looks like you were left off the charter - perhaps a call to your Key 3

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