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Fixed login - now I have no unit

I have finally been able to get Scoutbook to let me in after changing my password, clearing cookies, deleting cache, and auctioning first born (he’s about to cross over to the troop anyway).

Now, once in, I do not see my unit. Clicking on Dashboard does nothing. It bumps me back to the home screen each time. What happened? How do I get my unit back? Or even get to my own profile?

It sounds like you have two accounts for some reason. I assume you’re logging in with your my.scouting login information, rather than with your email address?

I would start by checking with your unit leader to see if they can see you in the Scoutbook roster. If so, compare the BSA ID for that account to the BSA ID you see in your profile when you login to Scoutbook. If they are different (which is what I suspect), compare both to what’s in your profile at my.scouting.org to see which one is “primary” (assuming both are listed). If they’re not both listed, add the “extra” BSA ID to your account using Manage Member ID, then set it as primary. Give that at least 24-48 hours, then log back in to my.scouting and set the “correct” BSA ID (i.e. the one assigned to the account with your unit) to primary. That helped resolve my issues with duplicate accounts “back in the day”.

Try logging out of Scoutbook, and then logging in again. Your e-mail address was associated with 2 Scoutbook accounts. I have removed your e-mail address from the duplicate account.

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I’ve logged out and logged in. No change. On my.scouting.org I have my visibility to my unit. On Scoutbook I am able to use the Google Login (but not my user name and password), and I can’t get anywhere once I’m logged in. If I try my user name and password, it will not log me in.

I’ve cleared cache and cookies again, and now I have access. Thanks!


I am having a similar issue. I am a cub scout den leader. 3 weeks ago, I no longer was connected as a leader the scouts in my den. I show I am the den leader but can not have access to enter achievements for them. Please help.


You have 2 Scoutbook accounts. The one you logged in to today is the wrong one. We need to delete the bad account. I’ll send you a private message. Click on the blue circle with white K in the upper right corner of the forum window.

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