Scoutbook Account issues wrong district

My scoutbook accout is all messed up.

I was having trouble with transferring my son to a new council I followed the directions and was able to but now my account is messed up. On my.scouting I did the transfer for my son, but now dont see him in my.scouting anymore as linked to me. The main issue is my scoutbook account some how got me sent over to the Puerto Rico Council and I am no longer linked to my children and to my Den. It is like I am brand new just added. I requesting to get it back to where I can see my kids and my den in pack 324 (TAC 803)

Hardware: Both
Operating system* Windows / Apple
Browser* Tried all
Browser cache has been cleared or you are using a private browsing mode (aka Incognito Window in Chrome)* Did does not help
Erikson (Me) 14263970 TAC 803 my scout book # is 12691583
Conor 137091717 (Old one can’t see new one for TAC)
Emma 14273515