Scoutbook position problems

I have been using Scoutbook for a few years now. I transfered to a new council with my sons in September 2021 and everything was working well. I was made Den leader for one den and assistant for another, again everything working well. On January 7, 2022 my leadership roles disappeared and then my account disappeared from the pack altogether. The Cub Master sent me new invitations and that’s when I noticed a number I did not recognize.

While I’m logged into ScoutBook it shows me:
BSA Member #: 136789701
UserID: 11124159

In the email invitation that I receive there is: UserID=12288367 but clicking on the invitations doesn’t fix anything.

Is this one of those duplicate ID issues I’ve read about on the discussion board or is something else going on? I don’t see anything anywhere about a second BSA Member number. Back in September it was a transfer and I see my old and new council under the single member number.

Are you TAC now? @JasonRoma

Yes, TAC is my new council

ok it is fixed for you - every new council means a new bsa # for that council - they are not currently shared or transferable

Thank you! I see the new member id in my.scouting and it’s set to primary. From other discussions and a help link I found it sounded like I needed to add my alternate ID and the change primary but I didn’t know my new ID and couldn’t find it anywhere. I’ve logged out of scoutbook and back in and all is fixed. Thanks again!

In case you (or anyone else) need to locate this again, in theory your unit Key 3 (or Key 3 Delegates) can find any BSA ID associated with their unit in the official roster at

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