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I logged into Scoutbook to do some work and after a bit, I took a break. When I logged back in, I did not have access to the Troop or Pack that I am in. I checked my profile and it is also showing a different BSA member number than previously. I looked through the forums but did not see this issue anywhere else. Has anyone else seen this happen before? If so, how did you get it resolved. Thank you.

If you have both the old and new bsa member numbers, we can look into it.

ETA looks like Donovan found your info already.

Well this log in is for a TAC unit - what council are you currently in?

Thanks for looking into it for me. I am currently in TAC. shows my primary number as 13831317, which it should be. However, when I logged in it was showing the Istrouma Area Council as my Council and a totally different number. I changed the Council back to TAC in hopes that it would change all my access back, but it had no effect.

@KennyGrant what is the other number?

The other number is 134711921 which is my old number from the Midnight Sun Council.

I don’t know if it helps but here are the three that show up on

Think a recharter went through and messed you up - you should be good now - Log out and back in

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Everything looks normal so far. I don’t know what you did and how you did it so quickly but your help is greatly appreciated.

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Profiles for my 3 kids show the name of another Cub Scout (from their former Pack) on the profile tab. My Tiger Cub Scout Advancement and Award info/accomplishments is missing. My 2 Scouts no longer have an advancement tab available. This happened before we have moved from CIE Council to Central Florida Council. I just updated the address and Council information hoping that would resolve the issues but it did not.

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It sounds like their memberships are not approved - or they are not in dens/packs in scoutbook @TimothyAnderson2

@TimothyAnderson2 None of your Scouts appear to be registered in Central Florida Council. Please work with their new unit (pack or troop) to get them registered.

As a temporary workaround, you can go to each Scout’s Membership page in Scoutbook and add their new unit. I would recommend using today’s date as the start date.

I am having the same issue as Kenny. At recharter, a secondary/inactive member number (12786024) was used to register me with the council and not the member number I had been using as primary (134453125). Since recharter, I am no longer connected to my 3 units or my own Scouts. It would be wonderful to have this easily corrected to the way it was pre-recharter.

@ElizabetrhBryan yours is fixed - the 3125 is your primary and where your registration is - the 6024 one is semi-retired with your council

Fantastic Donovan. Thank you!

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