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Scoutbook Activity Log != IA Activity Logs History

More than one scout has a camping activity that shows up in his IA Activity Logs History but not his Scoutbook Activity Log. This camping activity is also not editable like the others are. Why is this happening? Is it a bug?

Help? Should the IA Activity Log History contain the same items as the Scoutbook Activity Log? Is there something special about activities that are not editable?

The IA activity logs are the new, go forward logs. Everything that was in the Scoutbook logs was migrated over, but is not editable. We have asked that they be editable. Nothing new gets added to the Scoutbook logs.


But what I see is an activity from 4/27/2018 that is in the IA Activity Logs History screen (not a report) but not in the Activity Log report accessed from Scoutbook (I found out I can get to it from IA as well). It does show up in both for some scouts but not for others.

The only thing I can think of is that I changed the membership start date for some scouts recently to reflect when they turned in their applications instead of when BSA recorded it so that their earlier activities get counted. Some of these scouts had their start date at 5/1/18 but I changed them to 4/24/18. The activity shows up in their IA screen but not in their report and the activity is not editable in their screen. Some older boys that attended the activity have it in both their IA screen and report with the activity being editable.

I think there are multiple problems here but they might be related. I’d like to be able to get a storable printable report with all of a scout’s activities regardless of how it was entered and how the report is initiated.

Try going to those Scout’s Edit Profile page in Scoutbook and check the date for “Date Joined Scouts BSA”

Thanks, that did the trick! So in the future do I need to change the start date in both places?

Why does the screen not use this start date but the report does?

And why is the older scouts’ activity editable but not for the younger scouts even after the change?

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