I need to be given administrative access to Troop 8051 G

We had a change in leadership and the scoutmaster, who recently stepped down, removed himself from scoutbook before any administrators were put in. I can’t edit anything even though I am currently the temp asst. Scoutmaster. HELP!



Any Key 3 member (Scoutmaster, Charter Org Req, Committee Chair) are Scoutbook admins. Any of them can make you an admin.

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Nobody has that access. That is the problem.

I even changed my position to scout master, but that didn’t work.

Then you will need to contact your Council for assistance.

And the one person who has a key by her name can’t add anyone either. I was sitting next to her

The admins have 2 keys by their name.

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Well, that is a pain in the rear.

She does have two keys by her name.

Your Charter Org Rep could go into Position Manager on the Roster in my.scouting.org and make you the Scoutmaster or Key 3 Delegate. 24 hours later you will be made an admin in Scoutbook.


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