Scoutbook Adoption

@LeeGoolsby yes we are in the same state trying to help the advancement chair and move into one single system for tracking everything. Hoping to make this happen this year and recharter via scout book online.

@KevinNeese thanks for the suggestion. I thought that all the activities could be tracked in scoutbook and would cover the requirements. I need to check with our council contact for more details in this regard.

Recharter is actually in Internet Advancement. Everyone must recharter in that system regardless if you use Scoutbook or not. So, there isn’t really a choice.

Remember - no one will actually be using “ScoutBook” for recharter. EVERYONE will be using “Online Internet Recharter 2.0”.

Though for the most part - the information in “ScoutBook” at the time that “Online Internet Recharter 2.0” goes live - should be the same. They do not remain synced after the Recharter is started.

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Please be careful making generalized statements about recharter. There is at least 1 council that does not use Internet Recharter.

Per BSA POLICY - all councils and units are supposed to use “Online Internet Recharter 2.0”,

@edavignon I agree with Ed. I know that a number of units in our district are EXPLICITLY directed to not use I tenet recharter due to CO changes. This year, for this recharter season.

The Point is there can be an exception to any Policy or rule. Such as the number of MB needed for Eagle and what MB’s are required.

If a Council chooses not to follow the Policy - that is between them and BSA.

I know that one of the many reasons that BSA went to Online Internet Recharter 2.0 - was to help make sure that adults that are Charted have met YPT and background checks…

Obviously there are other reasons - but they are trying to help reduce problems.

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