Scoutbook Advancement Sync

I am trying to activate Scoutbook Advancement Sync, but the Verify Yourself option says it cannot verify my account. I am the Pack Admin and Cubmaster. I’m using the same credentials I use to log into Scoutbook and I even manually entered them at each place to make sure I was correct with what my saved passwords are. I keep getting an error that my login can’t be verified with

Is there any way for someone to enable it for us? The verify option is the last step for us to turn it on.

@JohnSchiel - you should not be seeing that. Are you on

Yes I am using It says my Pack’s advancement sync is not active. I go to Edit Pack and scroll to the bottom and the 4 check boxes, the Verify Account box is unchecked. When I click that it wants my username and password to verify. I enter it and it says it is unable to verify.

@JohnSchiel can I setup a screenshare to see this to report it to the DEVs?

I would be able to do that around 4:30pm ET

@JohnSchiel ok come on and ping me and I will set it up

@DonovanMcNeil I’m available and ready now.

They found the issue and are investigating it @JohnSchiel

@DonovanMcNeil Any update on the status of this?

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