BSA Advancement Sync with Google sign-in

I am trying to activate my BSA Advancement Sync, however it asks for a username and password from my.scouting, I use Google sign-in, which doesn’t appear as an option for verifying the BSA Advancement Sync. How do I complete the verification?

Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing

@RobLebkuecher As an adult, you wouldn’t be turning the advancement sync on for yourself. A screenshot of what you are seeing would be helpful.

(Block out names, please)

First I receive a little flag that indicates that the Advancement Sync is not setup:

So I found the area under Edit Troop to Verify:

When I check the box I receive this message:

Like I mentioned before, I use Google signin, so I don’t have a username and password to enter.

Or am I not looking at this correctly (based on @JenniferOlinger saying that I wouldn’t be turning it on for myself). How do I get rid of that red flag?

Thank you.

@RobLebkuecher that is super old code you should not be seeing

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@RobLebkuecher - what url are you on ? You chould be using

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