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Scoutbook and official roster updates

We are in the process of completing our recharter. We have to make a couple of administrative corrections to the roster (misspelled names, incorrect birth dates). When the charter is finally processed, and these corrections are made on the official roster, will they also be updated in Scoutbook following the next sync?

I just want to understand how the process will work.


The Member Update process in Scoutbook has been updated so that a change in a member’s name or Date of Birth in Akela/ScoutNet will result in Scoutbook being updated the next day. You should be able to have the Council correct these records either now or at recharter. If it was me, I would send the corrections to the registrar now and not wait for recharter to be processed.

Thanks for clarifying this. As for having council do it now, we were told that the easiest way to get this fixed was during recharter. I wish we had done it when the errors were discovered.

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