Scoutbook broken (48) after Cub Scout transfer to Troop

My son finished his AOL in Pack 418 and was transferred to Troop 799 using Scoutbook.
Now his profile in Scoutbook shows a different cub scout’s name at the top of the page, with a drop-down that still shows scouts from Pack 418 on it – but not my son’s name.
All Cub Scout advancement information is now missing.
His Membership page shows “No current membership data entered”.
Asking for a Cub Scout Report says “Oops, we’re missing something. Please report this to the forums (48)”

What did you do to his records?

Your son with first initial S is not in any unit in Scoutbook. This causes Scoutbook to hide all of the records. He is still registered with Pack 418 but no membership in Troop 799 has been created.

Once he is moved to Troop 7999 his Scouts BSA record will show.

You should be able to create a Cub Scout History Report for him by clicking on Reports on My Dashboard then selecting Cub Scout History Report and entering his BSA Member ID and last name.

As a parent, you should have access to his history report from his reports page. I will report this to the developers.

I could manually add him to Troop 799, but I thought that was what the Transfer tool was supposed to do. I’m worried about the other scout from his Den who was also supposed to transfer, since his parent’s don’t use Scoutbook.

The other Scout will be automatically moved in Scoutbook once he appears on the official unit roster at All Scouts moving from a pack to troop need to complete a youth application, moving the Scout in Scoutbook does not register the Scout with the troop.

Apparently manually adding him was the wrong thing to do. Now Scoutbook won’t talk to my.Scouting.
After trying to ‘fix’ Scoutbook for over an hour, I finally got a “Pending Transfer” email from my.Scouting asking me to go THERE and accept the transfer… which now fails (error 134876624).

The online transfer was supposed to help avoid having to fill in a whole new application and pay new registration dues for the Troop. It appears to be vastly more complicated that the (limited) instructions seemed to make it.

There are no fees associated with transferring a Scout to a new unit. Your troop leaders or council should be able to help you through the process.

The developers have a fix for the (48) error you received. This and other report fixes are currently being tested and will be released once the tests are successful.

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Unfortunately, the Council help line told me that everything I did in Scoutbook was wrong and now causes the errors I’m seeing in my.Scouting. The suggest waiting at least 2 days to see if it ‘fixes itself’ and if not, the only fix is to submit an entirely new paper application and bypass the online transfer entirely. From the sound of it, they think the online transfers are unreliable at best anyway.

Thanks for the update. If you end up submitting a paper app make sure you check the Transfer button and enter his BSA Member ID on the app.

Online transfers work great in my experience - the transfer button in Scoutbook can lead to some confusion as it is not official

I would also have the receiving units Key 3 look at their - as it would show as a new application. They have to accept it.

A possible complication for online transfers is the status of both units’ recharters.

If either unit is in the process of rechartering, then the transfer process should fail. If the sending unit is not done rechartering, then the scout is not paid. If the receiving unit is not done rechartering, then the unit doesn’t exist yet (except for extensions for leaders to continue to do things).

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