Cub Scout was transferred into our Pack, but doesn't show in Scoutbook

We have a Cub Scout that transferred into our pack from another local pack.
She is showing on the roster from, but she isn’t in Scoutbook.

I reached out to council (District Executive) and was told there is nothing they can do, that I would need to reach out to Scoutbook for assistance. The BSA ID for the Cub Scout is: 13725605

Is there a way I can do this via or on Scoutbook?

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I will look into this for you.


Due to a bug in Scoutbook, the Scout was moved back to the original pack when that pack advanced dens in late August. This bug is scheduled to be fixed soon.

I have requested a position sync for this Scout. Check back after 4:30 PM Eastern today. She should be back in your pack. You will need to place her in the proper den.

Thank you so much for your help, it is appreciated!


I checked after 4:30pm yesterday and she wasn’t on there.
I just checked again and she still isn’t.

Are you able to help?


I requested another position sync. Check again after 4:30 PM Eastern.


It didn’t work.

@KimberlyJaeger what is your pack?


We have asked the developer to investigate


Last night’s sync worked. You will need to move the Scout into her den today. Go to the den roster, click Reassign Scouts then select her from the list.


I have a similar but slightly different situation. I have two Scouts who were transfered to our Pack from a previous one. Looks like the previous pack did not advance their rank. Therefore they are not showing up as the rank they should be (Bear). I have assigned them to my den, however when I click on “Advancement” to individually mark off completed requirements, it does not show Bear.

Any help is appreciated.

Scouts #1
MB ID - 14466269
SB ID= 12619048

Scout #2
MB ID = 14466167
SB ID = 12619014

Thank you!


This is fixed. When the Scouts were transferred their membership in the other pack was not ended so they were in a Wolf and Bear den. I have ended the Wolf memberships.

@BrittaMcKee1 this does not add up - you put them in a Bear Den - that means they are working Towards Bear - they would not have earned Bear yet.

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Thank you! I refreshed and now see the Bear Den listed under the Advancement tab!!!

Yes I am aware of that. That was not the case here. Edavignon has fixed the issue!

I believe I’m having a similar problem.
I have two scouts doing an in-council transfer to my pack. I approved their applications in my.scouting and they appeared in Scoutbook for a couple days. Then they disappeared. The scouts do show on my unit roster in my.scouting.
Scout #1 BSA Member ID: 13906136
Scout #2 BSA Member ID: 14302274

My local Council Service Center has been unable to figure out why the scouts do not appear in Scoutbook.

Are you able to help?

@JeffPangborn I setup an afternoon sync to fix this

I have a parent that is connected with their scout. She is in the correct Pack/Council but is having difficulty transferring her son from another council (his old pack) to the correct current Pack.
Her Member#140433933.
Son SB #12595089 BSA#14435101
Can you please assist in this matter? Thank you.

When you say “connected”, do you mean in Scoutbook, or when they look under My Applications at my.scouting (or both)? The latter is necessary in order to use the online application/transfer process.

Hello Charley,
Looks like she has full control connected in Scoutbook. But when she goes into the My Applications, her son is not showing up to transfer. Will she need to do a paper transfer?