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FWIW: Successfully Transferred a Cub into a Troop

I was successful in transferring a cub into a troop. So, we now know, at least in some cases, it works. I am both the parent and cc in the troop. So, I initiated the transfer, went in and approved it as CC, then, while it was processing, went to Scoutbook and did a transfer in. I checked at times yesterday to see how fast it was, it was done sometime between yesterday morning and this morning as she is now listed in my.scouting and has the connection icon in Scoutbook.

We transferred 2 cubs to our troop yesterday. No real issue on the cubs other than the transfers were doubled so we have a second transfer that I expect will just sit till it times out since we can’t accept it and I think there might be ramifications of declining it.

The parent was able to multiple-in but she has an issue I’ve passed on to our registrar where she had one ID as the cub’s parent and another ID as the pack trainer, so we got her my.scouting.org account associated to her leader ID and I expect once the registrar fixes things, she’ll be re-linked as a parent.

Our troop doesn’t actively use Scoutbook but the cubs moved over there automatically after 24 hours or so once the systems sync. There was no need to do anything special there.

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Simone from the SUAC recommended, not as an absolute, but as a “good to do”. So, I did it. I agree it wasn’t an absolutely necessary task and good if we didn’t need to.

So, now I am intrigued. I had never noticed the “transfer in a scout” button.

Is it possible to Transfer in a scout in Scoutbook, bypassing the myscouting.org process?!?

no that just moves a scout in scoutbook - not the membership itself - that is what my.scouting.org or paper app does


since our transfer process has been slowed, would this enable the Scoutmaster to add advancement on the Scouts in Scoutbook while waiting for the transfer process to take place?

Yes. She showed up immediately.

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With a scout on your Scoutbook roster, but not yet on your My.Scouting roster:

  1. The parent and scout can receive and send email through Scoutbook.
  2. The parent and scout can see the unit calendar and RSVP as needed, and find leader contact info.
  3. Leaders and parents can record requirements for advancement and awards as completed - but not leader approved, and, therefore, not available for purchase orders or marking as awarded.
  4. When the rosters sync, then the additional function will work.

So first time on here. We just had 4 cubs transferred to the Troop. I am a Key3 member and do advancement. I can see the scouts on the Scoutbook roster and can see them in the internet advancement, but when I click on them in the advancement I get the error that their ID is found found. Both the BSA# and ID on their profile page in Scoutbook. The only thing that is not setup is the “synced” symbol by their name. When I go to the Myscouting.org page roster they are not found there. I assume this is the problem, but I cannot figure out how to add them to the roster. The update on Myscouting says I should be able to add them to the roster there via the “Roster” tab, but I could not figure out how to do it.


only the sending unit can use my.scouting.org to do that - or the scouts parents. you either need to talk to pack or get paper applications from scouts

To update my.scouting, submitting an actual transfer application to the council is necessary. That’s where the actual transfer-of-record occurs.

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For transferring from a pack to a troop, there are two databases, and so two actions are needed.

  1. Log into My.Scouting.org, select the from-pack, click on “Organization Manager” then “Roster”. Select the Cubs to transfer. Click on the “Transfer” icon (upper left). Enter the receiving Scout troop information and click on “Search”. You may have to add a high-order zero to the troop’s number.

  2. Log into Scoutbook, select the to-troop. Scroll down and select “Troop Roster” and let it populate. Scroll down and click on “Transfer In Scout” (lower right). A lot of specific data about the Cub will be needed that the Cubmaster should have on their charter printout. Exception: the charter does not specify the Cub’s birth year.

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@NormanKasser You don’t have to do 2. Within a day of someone on the troop side approving them, they will automatically move in Scoutbook, too. But if you don’t to wait, yes, go ahead and do it.

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Thanks for the clarification.
What you said is, “Start with My.Scouting.org, and Scoutbook will follow automatically.”
My DE told me to “Start with Scoutbook.” What I found was that My.Scouting.org did not follow at all.


Correct, starting with scoutbook with not automatically sync it to my.scouting. Starting with my.scouting is the official process for online transfer applications, and it does sync to scoutbook. It’s only one way. I’m not sure why your DE would give you that advice.

I can see this being recommended if Scout is transferring between units in different councils.

You would want to update the Scout’s Membership and Edit Profile pages (address, zip code, district, council) in Scoutbook first, then do the official transfer.

So once approved - what was the lag to show on MYST roster?

I didn’t check that, but in the past I’ve seen it in less than a day.

MYST roster was about 24 hours. Approved mid morning, didn’t see until next morning. Checked until about 7pm that night to see if it would be same day.

We have tried to move cubs AOLs to Troop under same council. Key3 from Cubs side was able to follow the Transfer process for all except one cub. The error message in My.scouting said “Failed to Transfer xxx . Person has no valid parent/guardian relationship in our records. Please contact your local council registrar to update person’s information.”

Is there anything that the Cubs Key 3 can do to correct that error? Will the parents of child need to submit documents? If so, which docs? We would prefer to do as much as possible online ourselves (through my.scouting/scoutbook) as the wait time with new paper applications to Troop is long.