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Can someone reply with the correct process for Add Scout who is transferring from a Pack to a Troop that is not currently using Scoutbook; therefore, no SB account. They do have a BSA ID # 133936651. The Pack Committee Chair tried the transfer Scout function over a week ago in from Pack to Troop, but got an error there are no parents associated with Scout ID. I called council to fix early last week, but Registrar was busy with re-charters all week and said to email her. Called today to follow up and she went on vacation for a week. I’m on vacation next week. The Scout just wants to get email communications and get logged into Scoutbook. Can I Add Scout in Scoutbook Troop Roster and hope that when council gets around to fixing the transfer it will sync? I have Full Name, BSA ID, DOB, Zip Code, etc. Is it as simple as clicking Add Scout on Troop Roster in Scoutbook or would that be creating a duplicate account and BSA ID? Thanks in advance.

I do not trust the transfer process yet - the scout just needs old school paper application or transfer sheet

This is actually a flawed assumption. In principle, all scouts who are registered are supposed to have a Scoutbook account, whether or not the individual unit is using Scoutbook. You should be able to search with all of the information required in the Transfer in Scout tool to bring in the existing account. That way, when the registrar transfers the scout, . Make sure that whatever the paper app says matches the existing Scoutbook record (full name, DOB, council and district, address if possible).

In terms of actually transferring the scout in council records, like @DonovanMcNeil I would recommend using whatever paper process your council uses (either a new scout app including the existing BSA ID indicating a transfer, or a paper transfer app if your council has such).

I did try the “Transfer in Scout” button like I did with a handful of others, but the search did not find the Scout. Can I do a private message with a SUAC and provide all the Scout’s details and you can tell me where I’m wrong in the “Transfer in Scout” data, then follow up with council with paper? I have the paper Transfer Form ready, but really want to try and make the online transfer process work like it has recently for several others cub transfers. If I deliver the paper transfer form, based on our success rate with council, it could take a month or two. How do I get this Scout connected NOW, so he can start being a fully functioning member of the Troop.

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If “Transfer In Scout” does not find the account with the youth’s BSA number and Date of Birth, it indicates a bigger issue. I would suggest double-checking with the Pack CC to verify the information you are using. A paper application does carry the possibility of creating a duplicate account. Again, work with the Pack CC to make sure the paper application has the EXACT names (middle name/initial if used) and all other matching information. This should minimize the chance of creating a duplicate account.

I have used it. For those that worked, it was awesome. There’s no chance of accidentally creating a new account, and they changed scoutbook memberships the next day. For those that got an error, it tells you immediately.

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An update on Michael’s original post: The “Transfer in Scout” button in Scoutbook did not work because the BSA member number was incorrect (it was an older BSA member number for the Scout).

Now that they have the current BSA member number, the “Transfer in Scout” button should work.


Just to add for the historical record if anyone else needs, the Scout had two BSA IDs in the system originally entered only two weeks apart many years ago with different spellings of his first name (it was an odd one, so I don’t fault council). The misspelled first name was associated with the later ID and used for all his cub scout tracking. With Jennifer’s data, I was able to get the Scout connected to Scoutbook with the wrong first name ID and requested the Parent reach out to council to get his first name corrected, then retire the duplicate BSA ID and then update Edit Profile in Scoutbook so everything matches. He won’t be able to do that for weeks, but at least the Scout is connected to SB. Thank you Jennifer!

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One last reply here that may open a can of worms, but the Parent contacted council and had his son’s name corrected in their system and retired the duplicate ID; however, the council person told him NOT to use Transfer In Scout button in Scoutbook BEFORE council completes the paper transfer unit form because everything prior to transferring will need to be redone in Scoutbook. Does anyone believe that is true? It was my understanding that once everything matches on end and Scoutbook end it should sync, not get completely wiped out because council made a change. Is it possible she was just referring to Internet Advancement items?

Once the paper application is processed, the scout would appear in Scoutbook, and you would not even try to Transfer In at that point. As long as the parent and/or Pack CC sees the historical data for the scout (double-checking everyone is referencing the same BSA#), it is safe to Transfer In Scout. The historical information will be retained.

JillBarr the Transfer in Scout process in Scoutbook was already completed successfully with the correct BSA ID. Council has not processed the paper transfer from cub pack to boy troop on their end yet and wont’ for a few more weeks (if I’m lucky).

it should not be an issue as long as council does not make a new BSA #

Ok, thanks. I am making sure on all the transfer forms to write the Scout’s current BSA ID next to the name even though there is no field for it. Hopefully, that will be enough to prevent a duplicate from being entered.

Yep. That’s what I do. BSA # in Big Letters, right on the paper app.

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