Scoutbook calendar forwarding

When I’m in the calendar everything I click on forwards me to a post about canoe safety on my council’s information website. This is the site that it is forwarding to.

can you post a URL of one of the Calendar Events?

I have my scoutbook tab pinned in my browser. So when I click on the event it opens up and another tab opens with info post. when the tab is not pinned it goes straight the blog post with out opening in a new tab. I had one of my den leaders try it on his computer and he is getting the same results.

@StephenMetcalf - this is what Donovan was asking for:

@StephenMetcalf - can you try an incognito browser session

Its the same results.

@StephenMetcalf - - next would be a different browser manual entry of then clicking into your unit then the events.

I just tried with safari. same thing.

I’m getting calls from parents saying they are having the same problem.

Can you edit the event? Do you have bbcode in it?

Yes I can edit events. no bbcode. Its not just that one event. Its all events. It is also doing it in different areas of scoutbook. Like when Im looking at a den and try to use the drop down menu to change dens, it does it.

I just had a friend that is in a different unit but is in the same council go in to scoutbook and try it. She is experiencing the same thing. It doesn’t seem to be happening when your on a phone in a browser.

Do you get the same results through the new internet advancement calendar at ?

no it seems like it’s not doing it on

@StephenMetcalf - so it works on a mobile device and works in IA. That seems to eliminate the database. I am thinking a screen share may be needed. You can email anc i can set it up for after 9am est

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@StephenMetcalf - any chance of a screenshare ?

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