Scoutbook cleaned my account when my Son created his own account

Ill try to be as specific without writing a book
My son was on Scoutbook with me when he was in Cubscouts, when he went over to Boyscouts, he needed to have his own Scoutbook. His account is not the problem, all his information is just fine. My scoutbook however is messed up. When I logged in after his account was created, my scoutbook was cleaned out and had no information on it, as if I started fresh. I never thought about it until recently when I was not getting any communication from the troop.

Ends up Scoutbook created a whole new Scoutbook account for me, and my original account is in limbo and i cannot get access to it. So I had to add my secondary email address to the new scoutbook account that was created for me just to be able to use it and receive notifications - mind you its the same username to log into. I was unable to use my primary email because its tied to the original scoutbook account I created. My sons scout book says he is linked to both, but the old account is inaccessible.

Since then I have been using the account, I am a den leader for my youngest in cub scouts and an adult leader for by older son in boy scouts. I would just like for the account tied to my primary email to be gone so there’s no confusion because the troop still sees it as my account, but its not working.

My new account that works is tied to with the UserID: 11203004 - it has a photo of just myself

the old account that is inaccessible is tied to my primary email address : - it has a photo of myself and my son.

Again id like for the old account that in inaccessible to be deleted if possible so that there is no more confusion so my Den is not messed up and the information from my sons Troop is not messed up.

I merged the scoutbook accounts, but Scoutbook has a different email address than your my.scouting account now. Things work best when they match. You should be able to change the email address to your primary. Note that you should be logging in with a username that is not an email address.

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