Multiple conflicting accounts with same name and email

Apparently I’ve ended up with multiple scoutbook/my.scouting accounts and this is causing some conflict when setting me up as a den leader.

I was a scout as a youth and I just started as a parent and adult leader for Cub Scouts. I have at least two accounts that have been created:

Account 1:
SB User ID: 12469300
BSA Member ID: 14272988
Connections: My children, in pack 3091 Lake Erie council.
Trainings: YPT, etc.
This account has an invalid birthdate for whatever reason and I cannot update it.

Account 2:
SB User ID: 12469297
BSA Member ID: 3124886
Connections: None
Trainings: None
This account has my correct birth date and seems to have old information associated with it including old addresses from the early 2000’s so I think this may have some relation to my youth scouting. I cannot access Internet Advancement on this account (it says I am not a youth or parent).

When I log in to scoutbook, I see the warning that another account is using my email address, so I made sure that account 1 and account 2 are using different email addresses (same email, but different domains).

When my cub master set me up as a Den Leader, I received an email at the email ad the address for account 1, but referencing logging in using the username associated with account 2. When I look at the pack roster (logged in on Account 1) I can see a Den Leader with my name listed as “Pending” and the tooltip says this user has never logged into scoutbook. If I try to add Account 2 as a parent using Account 1, it fails because it finds another user with the same first and last name, so I can’t simply transition over to the Account 2. I actually see a second account listed with my name and email on one of my children, but I can’t figure out what the username is (maybe it’s a third account?).

I’d really like some help getting this cleared up. If either of these accounts has my youth advancement (tiger to eagle, OA brotherhood) associated with it, I would like to keep that and trash the rest, If trainings needs to be cleared and retaken I don’t mind taking YPT again, better to fix it now before I get too far down the road with multiple accounts.

Images describing what I see…

Logged in as account 1:

Unknown connection with my name and email, but not either Account 1 or Account 2:

Pack roster showing me as a Den Leader, but associated with no account I can log in with (but using email from account 1):

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I am having the same issue. I have two accounts and also my husband’s account is linked to my email. I tried changing it on his account and I am unable too. I am a Den leader and trying to send messages, but since now it seems I can only log into his account, I need help! Thank you!

@AraceliHarrison well the accounts are pretty messed up - I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

Hi I am having same issue I noticed several profiles for addresses I used to live at. Can someone help me consolidate them? Also I need to add my kids to my profile how do I find their Scout ID number?

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