Scoutbook doesn't recognize me when I log in after Council change

Last week I changed my BSA membership on

From Primary with NEGA # 122960965 (son’s troop/pack 21)

to Primary with Atlanta # 136407131 (daughters troop 1919) Previously was multi.

Now Scoutbook doesn’t recognize me when I log in.

I used to be able to see both troops and both of my children on my Dashboard. After change, I see no troops and neither of my children.

I was able to add my daughter as a connection so now I can see 1919 roster and see that Scoutbook shows me still there with all my Advancement chair and other jobs. So I wasn’t deleted. But I can’t click on anything, not even my own name on the roster. It says I have no connection.

So I am still in Scoutbook, it just won’t recognize that I am me at login?

My Unit chair and the Atlanta Council can’t determine what is wrong.

Please help.

Thank you

The reason Scoutbook wasn’t updated with your Atlanta Member ID is because you are registered in Atlanta with your middle name while your middle name is blank in NEGA. This caused a new Scoutbook ID to be created for your Atlanta Member ID.

I can merge your old an new Scoutbook IDs and have it use your Atlanta MID. I recommend contacting MEGA and having them add your middle name to your record so if you do switch primary MIDs in, 24 hours later Scoutbook will be updated.


Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged and now have your Atlanta Area Council MID listed. The next time you log in with your ID you will see your original data.

Thank You so much!! Yes please merge.

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