Multiple Users, membership IDs, and parent records

I’ve been struggling with scoutbook logins for about a month now; I’m not sure if it was simply a new year or the fact that I’ve signed up to be a den leader. Last year I was in scoutbook and everything worked fine. This year, I attempted to sign in to the site and received an error saying my account was not associated with an active member ID; and when I tried to add my member ID I received an error:

Failed to persist membership. Reason: #[payload.responseMessage]

I gave up and just signed up for a new account. Now I have two scoutbook logins, and using those I can see I have two BSA membership IDs (13762619 and 137220421). I believe the latter (ending in 421) is the newer one, but it appears to be the “good” one and is associated with my training history and my den leader position. If I could get the old login removed that would be great.

When I log into and look at the parent roster for my den, my name appears 3 times. One of those is the “leader” and shows that position is pending (clock symbol in the corner), and doesn’t show YPT information. I can’t figure out how to “confirm” the pending position. Another is “parent/guardian” and shows my completed YPT training. The third is also “parent/guardian” but doesn’t show YPT training.

Is there someone that can help me clean up this mess, and hopefully not lose any of the training I’ve completed?


This is fixed. The problem was your 13762619 MID was previously deleted but your ID and Scoutbook IDs were not updated.

I merged your Scoutbook IDs and changed the MID on your ID that uses your e-mail address to MID 137220421. You can use either ID to log in to Scoutbook.

This looked great and I was able to get into all the sites including, but now I’m trying it a few hours later and is giving me the error:

Whoops! Your role needs upgrading. Log in to

I can log into but I’m not sure what to do in order to fix it. is correctly showing that I have active roles as Den Leader and Den Admin.

Try waiting 24-48 hours.

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