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Scoutbook Domain Change

Scoutbook will be moving to a new domain name - scoutbook.scouting.org – scheduled for the evening (9-10pm CT) November 23, 2020. Links to the Scoutbook.com website will be automatically redirected to scoutbook.scouting.org, so you can keep using scoutbook.com to access Scoutbook.

This change will make Single Sign On and reports more reliable because they are all running on the same domain.

Please update your bookmarks after that date, if you use them to access Scoutbook.

If you run into issues getting to Scoutbook, we suggest using an Incognito or Private window to access Scoutbook while the BSA works to fix the issue alternately: you can clear your cache and the scoutbook.scouting.org cookie Instructions here.

Users who installed the Feature Assistant Extension will need to manually update the extension or accept new permissions due to this domain change.

Internet Advancement direct access has moved to advancements.scouting.org to align with the name of the tool. You can still access Internet Advancement by first going to my.scouting.org or scoutbook.com

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