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Scoutbook email issue

I can not send email in scoutbook to leaders/parents/Scouts, how can I fix this?

What happens when you try? How far do you get? Do you get an error message?

What is your position in the unit? Are you a unit admin?

There are minimum permissions required to send out emails. The permissions are supposed to either be assigned automatically (in the case of admins and certain leaders) or on a case-by-case basis by the admins of the unit.

As @jacobfetzer noted, we need more information to be able to help recommend a solution.


I get the rotating circle that never ends. I can select any to send an email to, but after I press send the circle appears and never goes away. I have tried on iOS and pc laptop to send emails via scoutbook.

Try clearing cache. Do you get the same thing with a simple test email to yourself only (no attachments)?

I am the Eagle coordinator, a committee member and I am YPT certified.

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