Scoutbook email

Hi, one of our ASM cannot receive emails from scoutbook.

Apparently he is on the Troop Roster but not in the list when sending a message.

This is his email ID

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This individual has mutliple BSA Member IDs (MIDs) due to spelling his last name differently when he registered.

I will merge his multiple Scoutbook accounts but he needs to contact the Council to get his name spelled correctly on all of his MIDs.

Thank you for replying so efficiently.

Do you think he can receive emails now?


He will be able to now that I have merged his accounts.
His registered MID is 131350919.
Previous MID is 13973948

His previous MID has an apostrophe and a dash in his last name. His current MID has neither. This prevented the system from finding him when he registered as an ASM and will prevent him from using Manage Member ID in to link the MIDs together. The Council should be able to fix his name so that it matches on al MIDs.

He needs to log in to Scoutbook using the Google Login button.

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