Our new Cubmaster’s email address who has already connected to his account has “changeyouremail” as his email address on his profile. I think this happened when he was placed in that position via sync.

BSA: 13645481
User ID: 11704912

Is there a way to help him fix that? Thank you.

Ok, I found an merged another account for him. The other account has an s at the end of his first name, but it had the email address on it. It should work now.

One thing I noted is that his past ACM position is not approved. You may want to approve that as it can occasionally cause issues.

Thank you. I approved the past ACM position. How do I get his name fixed? There shouldn’t be an “s” in the end. Or is that something he can fix himself once he is able to login?

You need to contact your council registrar to get his name fixed.

Are you sure? The “s” at the end matches his e-mail and his name as registered in a different council.

I already merged away the Scoutbook account with an s. Probably double check with him and let us know.

He moved from PA to CA. Should I just fix his name when we recharter?

No, I would recommend contacting your local council and have them fix it, because his name is connected with a background check.

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Thank you.

I have another case where a parent has two Scoutbook accounts.

UserID: 11981563
BSA Member #: 13941122
no email address but correct email address is showing on

UserID: 11845466
BSA Member #: none
Email address: correct email address
The parent has no access to this.

Apparently she reset her password and that new one without the email address was created.

Please let me know how to fix this.




I have merged the accounts. She needs to user her ID and password to log in. The ID is her first name and the last 4 characters of her last name.

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