Scoutbook Emails

Scoutbook emails will not send.

You’re not able to send, or you’re not receiving the ones someone else is sending?

If it’s that you can’t send them, do you get an error message? A blank screen? Or is it more that they never show up on your inbox?

I always include myself in all emails I send. I sent 2 out and did not receive either one. Had to send it out on my gmail.

Denny Walgamuth

I have sent a few test emails from the troop and pack side and have not received any @jacobfetzer

Ok, my test emails have not come through either. I have reported this to IT.

IT reports a widespread internet outage in Dallas is impacting the National Office Data Center which is where Scoutbook email originates. There is no estimated up time.

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I’ve been getting Scoutbook reminder emails all evening (including for new events created tonight). Is there perhaps an alternate email server for different areas?

The internet outage in the Dallas are as been resolved. Scoutbook email is once again flowing.

All Scoutbook email goes through The National Data Center in Dallas. We had reports that the connection issues were intermittent as the internet started recovering.

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