Emails Not Getting Distributed?

This week, we’ve run into an issue where emails created in Scoutbook are not being distributed. Two leaders from two units have had similar problems.

  1. Pack—One of the leaders [thought she] sent out a email with a proposed budget attached. Email was to have gone to all Pack leaders. As far as we can tell, no one received that email.

  2. Troop—I sent an email to schedule a planning meeting for this Sunday. Email was to have gone to Troop leaders and all parents. That email did not go out.

The only thing in common between these two units as far as Scoutbook is concerned is me (I’m CC of both).

Is there a Scoutbook mail issue?

I just tried one that went through. Did the emails include attachments or just text?

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I haven’t noticed any disruptions. I’ve been getting notifications for events, including recently-created events, all week.

Not that it should matter, but what browser(s) are the folks creating the emails using?

The Pack email included an attachment.

The Troop email was text only.

I also just did a test and sent an email to the Scoutmaster and one other. Both reported success.

This is just odd.

I’ve also received automated reminders for events during the week.

I hadn’t even thought to verify distribution of the Troop email until Pack leader complained to me via text that no one had responded to her email. Besides the attached budget, the text of the message was to propose some dates for a Pack Committee Meeting. She was surprised no one had any input on timing.

I always use Firefox when logging into Scoutbook. I’m not sure what browser the Pack leader used.

Hrm…I used to get timeout errors that were semi-invisible (i.e. it looked like the message sent, but my SB login had actually timed out). More recently though, the error has been more visible, in that instead of looking like there was success but actually timing out, the screen returns as the login screen, rather than looking like a success then logout.

I agree that’s definitely weird behavior.

When the messages were created, was it during one of the Scoutbook planned outages? I’ve had variable behavior when I’m logged in and the planned outage hits Sometimes it tosses me out, sometimes it seems like everything is working normally, but whatever I did has disappeared.

I don’t think my email was drafted near an outage, I can’t comment on the Pack leader’s timing.

I just drafted & sent the “replacement” Troop email. Hit my personal inbox almost right away.

With wildfires and storms and power outages, in various parts of the country there have been internet timeouts and outages this summer. It takes time for internet routing to recover. So the delays may be external to Scoutbook and other BSA internet servers.

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