Scoutbook Embed

Hello, I have viewed a few posts about embedded Scoutbook in a 3rd party troop website.

I have tried both embed and iframe. And it looks perfect, but when you try to log in, you get the following error message:

“An embedded page at scoutbook.scouting.or says”

“Please refresh the page and try again.”


Any ideas if you can get an embed or iframe to work??


Our we host allows subscriptions to ical calendars. They worked well for us.

We don’t need the ical subscriptions. Just looking to embed the website in TroopWebHost. But it gives the above error message when logging in.

What is your goal with the embed vs a link? I understand you can then have a common boarder, but why? Just trying to understand your final vision.

Because I’m trying to bring as many of our platforms under one header for ease including our dropbox, instagram, facebook, etc.

Many adults don’t log into Scoutbook even though they should. They do log into our website so, I’m trying to make a one-stop shop.

@GaryKloncz - they would still need to login to the embedded object as the troopwebhost site would not be able to be a proxy for the user.

Understood. But when they log into Scoutbook (either with an iframe or an embed), it gives the error message above; i.e. logging into the embedded Scoutbook throws the error.

@GaryKloncz - that would indicate a stale session. Perhaps it may be better to use a button that links them to instead.

Already done. Just would like the extra feature of embedding it on our site. I think it’s because an embed can’t store session cookies??

@GaryKloncz - there would be the issue

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