Scout on troop roster in scoutbook and IA but parents get expired membership message

I have a parent of a newly crossed over scout that transferred saying that when they log in to scoutbook/Internet advancement a message pops up saying that scouts membership in scouting expired 2/29/2024. Scout is all paid and registered for the 2024 year. The scout is shown on our troop roster on my.scouting, scoutbook and Internet advancement and I am able to mark off completed requirements and rsvp,etc. We tried asking out council and they said it maybe a scoutbook issue. Has this happened to anyone else?

@ChastineCorrea often the scout is still registered in a Pack - if you post BSA # we can look

Here are 2 scouts #



Yeah see how the Pack has “Is Current”=Yes - even though there is an end date - that is issue Council needs to fix

Screenshot 2024-04-13 at 12.25.11 PM

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Is that how both scouts show up? They are from 2 different packs.

yes both are in this state

Thank you very much! I’ll follow up with our council.

There is supposed to be a national fix coming up - but the more pressure from councils the better to resolve

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