Scoutbook Invites not working

We have several new scouts…when we push the invites to access Scoutbook to some of the parents, they are not receiving the credentials to activate their accout. They receive the invite with only option is to do a password recovery through the email they receive, but then they never receive the password reset in their inbox. How can this be corrected? These scouts were set up using paper applications. See image:

This is a known issue. The fix has been developed and is being tested.

Is there anything that can be done in the meantime to help the families who are stuck? Or, any work arounds? Right now, we are having them email leadership about their achievements.

The only workaround involves them creating a my.scouting account.

Once a my.scouting account is created, will Scoutbook work for the user? Or, will they have a duplicate account that will need to be merged by the Council Office?

In the my.scouting creation process, it’s supposed to give them a chance to connect to an existing account. Make sure you provide them with their bsa member number from their scoutbook profile for them to connect to as they create the account. I’ve never done it before, so I cannot provide a step by step, but I’ve been told by experiences users that it works.

This bug affects parent accounts connected automatically through the use of PAPER applications.

Please note that the workaround with the parent creating a My.Scouting account only works IF the parent uses the EXACT Full Name and DOB as it appeared on the Youth Application.

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Exact name and DOB of PARENT not Scout - it is a common mistake

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