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Sending new password to parents

Council entered several email addresses incorrectly during the registration process. Once I saw the mistakes, I edited the parent emails and “updated” the connection. The email pushed out to them with the update only gives a username and no password since that information was supposedly sent in the first email at the time the connection was created (to the wrong email address). The forgot password button hasn’t been working for these parents, so how do I get them a password?

How many parents are we talking about?

I know I changed the emails for about 8 or so because I realized people weren’t accepting their invites so I double checked the info. Problem is I didn’t track which ones I changed. Is there a way for me to look back at my activity?

The few people who have reached out to me recently that never got an email with a password are ones I remember had the bad emails. That’s how I came to the realization that this must be the problem - the original invitation went to a bad email address and all “updates” don’t include a password.

Is the forgot password button in scoutbook really not working? Seems like that would be the easy solution.

Thanks in advance for any and all help!

Here are the BSA numbers for some of the ones I know have this problem.


There is a known bug right now that impacts parents who had Scoutbook accounts created via the paper application process.

The workaround is to have the parents manually create a My.Scouting account for themselves (not their Scouts) using their OWN exact name, DOB, and ZIP code they put on their Scout’s application. Then, log out and log into Scoutbook using the credentials they just created for my.scouting.

Thanks! I tried this with one of the parents, but when they take those new credentials they created and try to log in Scoutbook, it just keeps spinning - never connecting. Should I “update” their connection on my end and have them try again? Appreciate your help as I have several in this situation.

If you have the new member ID of the new my.scouting account, we should be able to fix.

New member ID is 13910787. Thanks!

@AnnaKinman Im going to send you a private message

@AnnaKinman I see what happened. When the parent created her new my.scouting account, she did NOT use the same last name as she did on her Scout’s application.

So the system was not able to match accounts and created a new one for her.

It is fixed now.

I sent her the info off her application but it seems that wasn’t enough. Sorry for the trouble, but I appreciate the help!

Uh oh! Just checked my email and looks like I have another. Member ID she created is 13881883 which is different from the one created at time of registration with council.

Sorry for the delay.

I see a Scoutbook account with the last name “Kraft Cooper” for her, member ID 137310358 but she just created a my.scouting account with the name “Kraft-Merchant” which is the ID you provided.

She should decide which name she wants. If Kraft-Merchant, then she should contact your Council registrar to have it fixed in the system, and after that is done, we can associate the accounts properly.

My son has a Scoutbook account but he has setup as not receiving emails from Scoutbook. We want to change it but he does not remember his password. So when we try to recover it he never received any email because the set up.
Please help!

@AdrianaOrdonez your Son D?

@AdrianaOrdonez your council can reset the password - or they can use the BOT at bottom right of my.scouting.org to recover it - but that is email based also - there are 2 emails a @gmail and a @cs.uh.edu

Yes my son is D. his email @gmail

@AdrianaOrdonez OK I updated email to that

But if they use the BOT is not the same? he will never get the email because the set up in Scoutbook.
Thanks for your time.

both have the gmail now - so just try the forgot password