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Scoutbook Lite - no longer can access for advancement input as CC

I’m the committee chair of all 3 of these units and since our recharter, just noticed i can no longer access one of my troops and am now listed as unit advancement chair in the other 2. any help appreciated.

you might want to take a look at 2 things

  1. my,scouting.org - member manager for the units
  2. my.scouting.org and organization security manager.

It might just be the weird 24 hours after a charter is run

might be my fault for poking around in my.scouting yesterday and adding myself as “registration inquiry.” seems to have over-ridden my CC access? any ideas? image

Registration inquiry is a functional role in Organization Security Manager. K3 need no functional roles - they can already do everything

Try putting an end date on it. You will probably have to wait overnight for it to be removed. As CC, you already have access to registration info.

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