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Scoutbook login

I’m able to log in even able to login with sos. I’m no longer connected to den or pack. Cubmaster unsure how to correct. Any tips advice suggestions are welcome.

@MichaelDillon - a bit more detail may be helpful here. Are you a leader or parent? It seems at first read that multiple BSAID may be in play.

Yes I think I would go to My Account and try the Switch SSO feature

Hello Stephen, yes I am the assistant tiger leader. I spoke with two other leaders with same issue. Cubmaster will be meeting with the council this week hopefully get it squared away.

@MichaelDillon If it’s a scoutbook issue, your council won’t be able to do much. Your cubmaster can confirm your bsa member number and you can compare that to what’s listed in your profile. Otherwise, I’d suggest following @DonovanMcNeil’s advice.

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