Role needs upgrading message and two BSA Member #s

I’m trying to login to scoutbook for den leaders, but I’m getting a message that says “Your role needs upgrading. Log in to” I do that and log in with Google, but I don’t see my den or any of the other connections I had to my Pack any more. I also appear to have two BSA Member #s. The one on my scoutbook profile says 135741237, which is also on profile, but there is another one listed under my email address when I click the user profile icon drop down menu. It says 134813717. Can this be cleaned up under one Member id and can I be re-connected to my scout and my den?

I am now able to login to Scoutbook again, and I appear to have one BSA member # now, but I don’t have the connections to my scouts as a den leader, like I did previously. I only have a connection to my son. How do I re-establish connections to all of the scouts in my den to mark off their advancements and such? My BSA # is 135741237.

Have you associated both BSA IDs with your my.scouting profile? I would start there. After you do that, make the one associated with your leader registration primary. Log in to Scoutbook with the same credentials you use to log into my.scouting. If you’re still not connected, you might need your unit admins to reconnect you to your den in Scoutbook.

OK I think you are cleaned up now and your 2 MIDs are managed in

@MatthewLockowitz a Unit admin needs to go in and assign you den admin I think to make connections again

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