Login difficulties - new parent/future den leader

I have a parent an potential den leader having login difficulties. His scoutbook account was created as a parent account in scoutbook. He logged in successfully one time. He hasn’t been able to login since. I see that he has not set up SSO. He’s volunteered to be a Den Leader and I need him to take YPT but he can’t access his account on scoutbook and I don’t think he has a my.scouting.org account. He doesn’t have a BSA number in Scoutbook. What’s the first step in trying to toubleshoot his issues?

I’d start by verifying that the parent’s name and email address in Scoutbook match exactly what will be used in my.scouting.org (i.e. legal name and current email). Then, have them create a my.scouting.org account using those same credentials. It should (I think) find the existing Scoutbook account and match it up.

ETA: Once they create the my.scouting.org account and connect it to Scoutbook, they should be able to login using their my.scouting.org credentials.

Also, if you post the Scoutbook User ID (no names), the SUAC folks might be able to locate any “orphan” accounts, assuming they exist.

Thank you. I will pass that on.
His scoutbook ID is 11875816

Based on the email on that account, I found a bsa member number, 13854127, and SSO account. I have synched them and will private message the username.

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THANK YOU! I’ll report if successful.

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