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Member ID number missing from Scoutbook

Hey, so, one of my cubasters is not able to see any of his unit info on his scoutbook. The committee chair can access him on her account and he shows as a pack admin and cubmaster. On my.scouting he is a part of my organization and he shows active and as cubmaster. However, he does not have a BSA number on his profile in scoutbook. He can log in to my.scouting and it appears like all is fine there. When he tried to add his BSA ID to scoutbook it says it is associated with another account. How can we fix this?

Aaron Gluck
Senior District Executive Flint River Council

He should make sure his member id number (from unit roster) i associated with his my scouting account. He should then log in to Scoutbook with his my scouting credentials (not an email)


Have your Cubmaster log in to Scoutbook and go to:

My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> Switch SSO Profile

and make sure that it is linked to the correct BSA member number and my.scouting credentials.

Then log out of Scoutbook, then log back in again using my.scouting credentials.

We did all this. Nothing has changed. He has nothing.

It is the same. His scout book BSA ID number and his my.scouting ID number are the same. We have tried the suggested SSO account and nothing has changed.

@NaomiKarrels I will send you a direct message to get info and see if we can help - watch the avatar at top right to find it

The issue started when my.scouting had to be updated to show he was the new cubmaster so that he could have access to the management tools for the pack on my.scouting. After that, his Scoutbook lost access to pack.

Sounds like your council made a second BSA #

nope there is only one BSA ID Number in our system

@AaronGluck I sent you a private message for more information.

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