Scoutbook membership expired?

spoke with registrar right now - third time. She confirmed she ‘multipled’ him and it posted to the system and needs to refresh overnight. However she did see and confirm that the previous attempts did not stay in the system. I have also been able to edit his membership date to add him back to the unit, but scoutbook is not keeping him active for some reason. Any suggestions, ideas or guidance?

@DeniseGuerra1 Start new membership with Todays date - then you have 60 days for it all to sync up

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I did try that 4 times last week (twice for each unit) scoutbook still closed the membership out.
Will try again tomorrow if it disappears again, SB doesn’t let me end the membership just edited today. Thank you!

I also just learned that another scout member ID# 130022763 is experiencing the same issue in our unit. The scout aged out, got an extension and parent is unable to connect with the scout in SB
The unit and parent have attempted multiple times to connect in SB. Scout is wrapping up eagle proposal and project this spring.

@DeniseGuerra1 There are registrations and there are memberships. You should be able to see your Scout’s official registrations by logging in at my.scouting and then go to:

Menu → My Application

This is what I see for your Scout’s registrations:

Scout of Denise Guerra

Your Scout’s multiple registration with Troop 505-B needs to say Is Current=Yes. Because it says Is Current=No, that is why his membership with Troop 505-B keeps getting ended in Scoutbook.

This is a registration issue that needs to be fixed by your council Registrar. If necessary, your Registrar can submit a help ticket with National.

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Because the Scout is 18 and has an approved time extension, this Scout needs to be registered as a Unit Participant (position code UP).

In order to register as a Unit Participant, the Scout needs to:

  1. Have current Youth Protection Training (YPT)
  2. BSA Adult Application form.
    Be sure to include the Scout’s BSA member number where it says “Enter membership number from unexpired registration”, so that (hopefully) another BSA member number is not created.
  3. Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization form (page 6 of the Adult Application)
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Thank you for all this detailed information.

  1. the registrar and I were at a complete loss how to resolve my sons SB issue, she which is why I turned here, so helpful, so I can give her some guidance I just need this fixed my son is making rank advancement and we’re stuck in T505. I had also contacted the office manager but she deferred to the registrar so we both were completely confused. Registrar confirmed my son was on T505 recharter but not sure how to navigate. I greatly appreciate this guidance!

  2. for the other scout I will pass this along. We are absolutely confused steps how to resolve this.

Thank you so much!

Also. The dad is asking- is he no longer able to be a connection to his sons adult account, because the scout has aged out?

It will be fixed once the Scout’s registration has been fixed to Unit Participant (UP).

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