Scoutbook message about "activating the sync"

Therenis a message about “activating the sync” and a link with instructions, but it is invalid. My unit has a red flag. I also have several scouts that, all of a sudden, are not assigned to a patrol. I need help please!

Did you just renew or recharter? if so just give it 24 hours. you can reassign scouts to patrols

Our renewal was in March 31

yeah but when did council do it?

Well…we are one of the councils who had to go through the “new” way if renewing from National. Our unit should be renewed now. Not sure what the “sync” is though. Can you explain it?

send a screenshot with no names

Can you just explain what this message means?

Do you have any scouts appearing on the Scoutbook roster without the red “A” in a circle of arrows next to their name? That indicates the scouts aren’t matching up with the official roster/database for some reason. It could be the overnight sync process that @DonovanMcNeil referred to earlier in the thread.

ETA: There’s also a legend for a lot of the symbols above the troop roster in Scoutbook. It includes most of the symbols that might appear after a scout/scouter’s name in the roster.

That is an old warning - I have asked Devs

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All scouts have the red A in a circle, but the unit has a red flag. I also have scouts who were assigned to patrols, but now are not in a patrol.

If you log out @CathleenPengelly and back in - is this cleared up?

The red flags are gone, but the 6 scouts that were in patrols, are still not assigned anymore to patrols. Is there a reason that they were removed from their patrols?

I would assume their membership lapsed

yeah just reassign to patrols - issue solved


Our “Red Flags” are back. I have sent you a screenshot, and a picture with the message…

Please help

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