Scout missing from roster after recharter

Hello we had a scout transfer into our pack last fall 21 and he was on our roster for recharter, showed up in our roster manager, and was in our scoutbook at the time of recharter.

This last Saturday we held our Pinewood Derby and when I attempted to print a roster for the Pack, this scout no longer shows up in of our rosters, scoutbook, like he was never apart of of pack even though I have a print out of our recharter showing he is on there.

Where do I go from here to get this corrected.

@JasonMeis - not there in roster ? Might as well post the BSA ID.

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Correct he is not in the roster either. ID 135724046

@JasonMeis I would check with council

This would be a pretty big bug if he is on the PDF that you received after submitting. Your council will be the next steps as @DonovanMcNeil says, but I hope not many others would be in the same spot.

Yup he is on all re-charter documentation. I have reached out to the district level first for guidance but my over all fear with communication with district or council level is less than thrilling in most cases. Hopefully this will get resolved sooner than later with Blue and Gold right around the corner.

I’m pretty sure it will only be your council registrar who can fix this. As for the B&G, this should prevent any of that from proceeding - awards and what not assuming you can figure out what the cub has earned that hasn’t been awarded.

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