Error Message: Not on official unit roster in myscouting

I have a den leader (BSA number: 137231840) who has suddenly dropped off my unit roster in myscouting and I am having the yellow triangle error in Scoutbook described in the subject. I have tried a few of the suggestions searched in the forum but so far nothing has corrected this. Appreciate any guidance on how to resolve this error.

@MirandaVelonis that person is no longer a registered leader - maybe dropped at recharter? Talk to council if it is a mistake

You actually helped me with an issue with the same leader during recharter getting him added then which we managed to do…but now a couple months later has been dropped off.

Jumping onto this thread as we have a similar issue. Scouter is on Scoutbook BSA #12387568 and I am not able to edit his positions. But he is not showing up on our MyScouting roster.

That indicates some sort of registration issue. Your best bet is to reach out to the registrar to figure out why they aren’t registered. Maybe dropped at recharter?

@CD32 that user looks to have been left off recharter of Pack

@DonovanMcNeil He has spoken with his old pack and they have said they fixed the error. But now when he logs is in his page is blank. I can see him on Scoutbook but now he has the yellow triangle.

@CD32 He had a duplicate Scoutbook account. His Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

He is registered with the pack, but not with the troop.

Can he transfer his membership using myscouting?

I think so - but your COR would still need to approve in Application Manager

Yes, he’s click menu > my applications. Then click transfer if he’s leaving the pack or multiple if he’s also staying in the pack. Not that a four digit number is required for the search to work. So, you may need leading zeroes.

Similar issue here with BSA #133602704 - no issues last year as Advancement Chair but now having all kinds of issues and the yellow triangle (not an official unit roster in myscouting). Nothing should have changed from last year. Not sure if recharter is official (sent in but not sure when it will be processed). Any help is appreciated.

@DanielBambas It looks like your registrations expired 6/29/2022. I would recommend contacting your local council.

Well, that’s interesting. Thank You.