Scoutbook Adult Leader Roster not updated after Recharter, and can't access as Cubmaster

Our Pack (Pack 525) rechartered in December. Looking at the Scoutbook Roster, the youth roster appears to have updated, but not the adult leader roster. The adult leader roster has the yellow triangle/exclamation point icons. In addition, I don’t appear on the updated Roster. I have two BSA member numbers, which was the source of a similar problem in the past. BSA member #13421258 is my primary, and is linked to my Cubmaster position. I’m stumped. Perhaps the my.scouting roster needs to be re-synced with the Scoutbook Roster? Any help would be appreciated.

Perhaps 2 MIDs were on the recharter - I have cleaned things up all should be better this afternoon or in the morning after some syncs

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