Recharter removed an active adult leader

I’ve got an adult leader who shows up in roster fine. She disappeared from the troop roster when council processed recharter. When I re-added her, she shows up with the yellow triangle, and when she logs in only sees the parent stuff, along with a note at the top saying there are two scoutbook accounts using her e-mail address. Looks like she may have multiple BSAIDs - can someone merge them?

PLEASE DO NOT POST NAMES 14658025 Committee Member [Trained] F

scoutbook (leader I added):
SB User ID:12982297
BSA Member ID:

scoutbook (mom):
Member ID: 134989736

Not sure I understand - that user is already registered through 2023 with 583 - T 0361G - is this for another unit?

She’s not showing up in the scoutbook roster as a leader, even though she’s in my.scouting roster.
When she logs into scoutbook, she only has ‘mom’ rights.

Are you referring to troop 361 G? It looks like two accounts were merged yesterday. Can you check if it looks good now?

I think something similar happened to my user during recharter…

Kindly help me combine my two users.
The first one was created, last fall and I can not log in to it with Google,
Member ID14706241
Member ID109089472 - created January 12, so that I could get inside the scouting forum to ask for help.

I would like to leverage the training I had completed for the ID14706241 into my current user ID109089472. Or give me access to my old user user ID14706241?

Said another way, I would like ID109089472 to remain, but I want the training I put into ID14706241.

Many Thanks,
Thank you,
Lee Davis

It appears so, it looks good to me. I’ll check with the user.
thanks to whoever merged them!

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