Scoutbook Names and email Issues

I recently had a family with 3 new scout join our pack their last name has a ‘ in it. As I do when someone joins, I enter all their data into Scoutbook and the parent’s data and get them connected so they start receiving emails. When council enters on their end it usually matches up and all works as designed, with this situation I added their names with the ‘ and when council entered they did without the ‘ and also entered the parents email incorrectly which to say has caused a lot of problems on my end. I have contacted council and I was told they don’t use special characters in names and have also overlooked correcting the parents’ email. I deleted all the accounts I had entered but the parent is not receiving emails due to the wrong address, which I cannot correct (greyed out in Scoutbook) Is there anyone out there that can I can contact to help me with this situation as my council will not.


I sent you a private message. Click on the green circle with white R in the upper right corner of your forum window.

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