Scoutbook - New Parents - BSA Member Number

Why does Scoutbook give new parents, who are not registered with BSA, a BSA member number?

@StephenAustin - are these parents Lion or Tiger parents ? If so, when an app is submitted to council, THEY will issue a person ID to those parents.

Any person entered in the membership system (even as parent) gets a bsa# and always has. Just no one outside national knew

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This is a BSA Troop. Some of our older parents did not get BSA Member numbers but the new parents (son’s just joined) have them.

@StephenAustin - I would ask if the parent applied on-line, if so then that is how they got an ID.

They all filled out paper applications for their sons. The parents have not registered with the Troop.

@StephenAustin - There are other scenarios like them having been involved at the pack level at some point. But I wonder what the issue is with the parents having an ID.

I asked our Council Registrar about this and she did not know how these parents got BSA member numbers.

If registrar enters the parents info as a parent connection in scoutnet the get a bsa#

@StephenAustin - is there a particular issue with them having a person ID ? There is no fee to the unit for this.

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Ok - so if we have these parents fill out an adult application to join the Troop - we should make sure that the BSA member number they have in Scoutbook is noted on their BSA application?

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@StephenAustin - yes indeed… makes things a bit easier.

And when they go create an account on to take YPT, use that BSA member number?

when they try to make an account on my.scouting HOPEFULLY the system finds that bsa# yes

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Thanks - this has been helpful.

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