Duplicate parent and no ID#s

I have a parent that is listed twice as a Cub’s connection, but I cannot find any ID#s to help merge the accounts. Where can I find the ID#s?

Start by posting one of the ID’s.

If you click on them they should be posted if you are admin

Yes. I can get to this with any of my registered adult leaders. I am having trouble finding where this info resides with a connected parent who is not a leader.

This is a good question. It looks like parent profiles didn’t get the addition of the BSA ID by the picture square. It also isn’t listed in the “edit profile” that takes you into IA.

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At least provide their scout’s membership number

I just tested using the Roster Builder report in Scoutbook, and got the BSA ID to show up for our parents. That might be a way to work around the complexities of finding BSA IDs for one or two people. Just run the whole unit and pull off the ones you need. Then, you can look back later when somebody new reports a problem. :^)

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Thank you. This is what I have been looking for.

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I need WD (Adult) 137274870 deleted or merged into
GD (Adult) 13840266.

Thank you.

Those are the same person?

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