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Good evening, I’m trying to add a parent as a leader who has a BSA # but they won’t show up in the search using their id or their email. Is there anything special I need to do to get the parent turned into a leader? I included the BSA id below just in case you need it. Thank you for your help!


Have they registered as a leader? If not, they need to take YPT, fill out a paper or online application, and turn in a criminal background check form. If / once all that is done, they will show up in under your roster and in Scoutbook in your roster.


Has their leader application already been processed by council? They should appear on the roster at if so.

ETA: They might have been assigned a new BSA ID if their existing one wasn’t included on their leader application. Check the BSA ID on your roster at to make sure it matches.

@Mike_W - S. Maynard is not registered - getting a BSA ID is easy (making his account probably did it) - he does have YPT so good on him - it is expiring 9/24/21 - to be a leader he has to register

Is the only way to register using a paper form? I didn’t see an option through beascout. He has a BSA number in his scoutbook account which is why I didn’t realize he needed an additional registration. I appreciate the support all!

Not every council allows online adult applications due to how they comply with state laws. Some units also have not turned on the ability to apply online. If your unit doesn’t have the apply now button in, then likely they will have to do a paper or pdf application. Our council allows one to take pictures of the forms and email / upload to a drop box the applications. So, paper is somewhat of a misnomer. Manual may be a better term. They will also have to re-up the YPT as well since they expire in 13 days. It needs to always stay current for them to be considered a current / registered leader.

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