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Cannot access my sons Scoutbook

When we try to sign on to my sons Scoutbook account, it automatically routes us to my Scoutbook account?

Has your scout previously been able to log in to his account, or was he newly invited to connect to his account? Also, each account has to have a unique email address, so reusing a parent email for the scout’s account could cause issues.


The first thing I notice is you have 2 Scoutbook accounts and 2 BSA Member IDs. The my.scouting.org ID with a user name for your son belongs to you which is why when you try to log in with it, you are taken to your account.

It does not appear that your son has ever been invited to log in to Scoutbook. You do this by going to My Dashboard -> Administration -> Your Son -> Edit Profile, scrolling to the bottom and clicking Invite then entering his e-mail address.


I have deleted your reply because it contains your son’s e-mail address. I will send you a private message so we can discuss this. Look for a green circle on the pink circle with white W in the upper right corner of your forum window. After it appears, click on the white W.

I will try this tomorrow thank you.